Ontario Judgment Critical of Document Management System Withdrawn From Publication

[ UPDATE (March 19, 5 pm): As you will see from the comment below from Colin Lachance, the judgment has now been restored. So far as I can determine, no element of the court’s criticism has been altered. ]

Slaw has learned that the judgment of Justice David Brown in Romspen Investment Corp. v. 617666 Canada Ltd 2012 ONSC 1727 has been withdrawn from all publishers’ electronic databases pursuant to the request of the court administration. The request said that the decision had been “sent to publication in error,” and asked that publishers “remove [it] from your records and destroy any copies.”

Slaw readers will remember that this was the judgment in which Justice Brown roundly criticized the document management system used by the courts. Some of that criticism was published in the Globe and Mail and the full critical portion of the opinion was contained in a recent post on Slaw.

Although a search on CanLII for the citation 2012 ONSC 1727 produces a hit with the hyperlinked case name, clicking on the hyperlink produces the error message you see above. I’ve not yet checked Quicklaw or Westlaw myself, and would be glad of confirmation by way of comments.


  1. Westlaw Canada: Full-text is not available on Westlaw Canada

    Quicklaw: Citation Not Recognized

    Simon, it looks like it has been removed from the commercial publisher databases.

  2. It is now back up on CanLII at the original URL.


    Colin Lachance