Court: Times Are Tough, but Don’t Sue Your Law School

Back in January, I wrote about a class action that had been filed in New York by former law students claiming they had, in a sense, been duped with regard to post-graduation job prospects (see here). These law students sought over $200 million in damages. Last week, the New York Supreme Court dismissed the action (see here).

Justice Schweitzer wrote that students considering going to law school are “a sophisticated subset of education consumers, capable of sifting through data and weighing alternatives before making a decision regarding their postcollege options.” Moreover, Justice Schweitzer recognized that times were tough; however, the realities of the the job market, which are impossible to ignore, cannot be trumped by any law school marketing material.

It remains to be seen how this decision will influence other similar suits filed against various universities. As Justice Schweitzer writes, not all of society’s difficulties can be fixed by a lawsuit.

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