Windows 8

I predict that Windows 8 will not catch on for mid-sized and large law firms. Windows 8 Enterprise is offered and has some interesting features, but the change is so huge that I see little potential for adoption by law firms.

Today our IT Manager showed me his iPad running a virtual instance of Windows 8 sourced from his home Mac. The interface has radical and interesting new flavour that sources apps and reminds me of my iPhone.

Among many others, BBC News has a preview article today. Microsoft also offers a consumer preview that links to a video for those of you who want a look.

Windows 8 has only had peripheral mentions on Slaw to date.


  1. David Collier-Brown

    I fear it may not catch on anywhere, and hope we’ll seen see a Windows server 9.

    Wearing the hat that says “Unix Geek”, I almost want it to fail, but I also don’t want customers left having to choose between XP-made-of-unobtanium and 8-made-of-antimatter.

    Ah well, perhaps it will be like Vista, rapidly replaced by a better offering from Microsoft. Or Apple!