Notes From CALL-ACBD 2012

Since Sunday I’ve been at the Canadian Association of Law Libraries annual meeting, which wrapped up moments ago. I’m a new member of the organization and this was my first CALL conference. I’m pleased to have put so many faces to names, avatars, and handles. I also enjoyed reconnecting with many people I’ve worked with over the years in several domains all over the country.

The conference presented much enriching content, and also highlighted that many involved in different legal libraries, in different sectors, share many concerns and challenges. This knowledge came to light during networking times and in sessions.

As is so commonly done these days, and as Shaunna noted yesterday, many of us tweeted what we heard and thought about during the sessions and in conversation. We used the Twitter hashtags #call2012acbd and #call2012; I urge you to search or scan those streams on Twitter (within a few days) if you’re interested in peeking in.

For posterity, I Storified a few themes:


  1. David Collier-Brown

    I loved the looseleaf discussion.

    To a nerd like me, every book on a computer is a looseleaf: if I need to update it, I create a patch and tell the book program it’s available to download.

    Of course, some vendors (Apple, for example) only allow patched to apps, not to the data the app uses, but that’s a distinction without a difference.

    Death to the Looseleaf!


  2. The looseleaf discussions stood out to me; the theme permeated much of the conference.

    (…and Dave, I’m guessing your app patches are not released, say, monthly, each costing, say, 75% of the original cost of the app, plus shipping and handling?…)

    Yes, death to the looseleaf!