Supreme Court Brochure

Because two new Supreme Court judges were recently appointed, the Court has released an updated brochure [PDF] containing information about, and photographs of, the building and the judges. Little if any of what’s in here will be news to most lawyers, but you might find it useful to pass on to anyone you’d like to educate about the top court, its jurisdiction and its history.

Some of the historical photographs are interesting, but all of the images could be improved: the PDF renditions are not sharp, and they lack captions. I particularly like the skeletal view of the building as it was (presumably) on the day the Queen Mother laid the cornerstone, a slice of which photo you see above.


  1. And as new as this brochure is, it is soon going to be out of date. A press release this morning:

    The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, announced today that Justice Marie Deschamps has written to the Minister of Justice, the Honourable Robert Nicholson, to inform him that she will retire from the Supreme Court of Canada. Justice Deschamps’s retirement will be effective August 7, 2012.

    “Justice Deschamps has made a very significant contribution to the Supreme Court and, more broadly, to the administration of justice in Canada. We will miss her wisdom, intelligence, keen wit and boundless energy. She has been a wonderful colleague and will always be a good friend”, said Chief Justice McLachlin.

  2. What a great unconscious sense of timing I have. Thanks, Omar!