Claude Robinson Plagiarism Case Going to Supreme Court of Canada

The Claude Robinson plagiarism case (you can read previous Slaw posts on the case here and here) is not yet over! The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear the case on appeal.

The author, Claude Robinson, considering himself ruined, decided to continue his battle to the highest court of the land arguing that the judgment was detrimental to all creators and should not become law.

On July 20, 2011, the Quebec Court of Appeal confirmed that the production company Cinar, Ronald A. Weinberg, the late Micheline Charest, Christophe Izard, France Animation, Ravensburger FILM + TV Gmbh and RTV Family Entertainment AG did plagiarize Claude Robinson’s ideas and work, and deprived him of his copyright on the television series Robinson Sucroë; however, the Quebec Court of Appeal considerably reduced the damages.

Following the court decision, Robinson stated,

They say that for 16 years I was right to continue. I told the truth. It was confirmed that this was plagiarism, and they are punishing me. I do not understand.

Hi ho! Hi ho! to the Supreme Court we go! (whistles)

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