LSUC Interim Report on Articling

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), which for the purposes of clarification is not the regulator of Nunavut but of Ontario, has just released the Interim Report by the Articling Task Force.

The Task Force has previously been commented on Slaw by Adam Dodek and John O’Sullivan. The five options under review include:

1. Maintaining the status quo

2. Status quo with added quality assurance measures

3. Replace pre-license transition requirement with post-license requirement

4. Allowing students to do a practical legal training course (PLTC) during or after law school

5. Abolishing articling in favour of a PLTC only

Variations of this model include the creation of articling positions for duty counsel in Small Claims, Legal Corps dedicated to improving access to justice, clerkships in Family Court, and increasing funds to legal clinics in order to hire students.

Also worth reviewing are the submissions by individuals, law firms, law schools, and legal organizations on the LSUC website. The transparency of this process is to be commended, as the conclusion will regardless by difficult and controversial.

The final report is expected for Fall Convocation.

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