Super Fans

Along with being an excellent lawyer, if you want to build a great practice you need to do a few things. One is ensuring that your clients receive the ultimate experience and in turn creating the Super Fan.

What is a Super Fan?

  • Not simply a client that is simply satisfied with your work but truly loyal to you
  • Active referral vs. Passive referral for new work
  • Business development advocate
  • A client that values you both as a person and professional
  • Cheerleader

These are clients that will promote you at any opportunity possible. They understand the value that you bring as a lawyer and as an individual. These people like you and people do business with people that they like.

Super fans need to be developed and nurtured. These relationships do not happen overnight nor will they happen with every client. Part of building a practice is figuring out who could be a super fan and work to develop the relationship. The following steps can be used for any client, but should be more focused on relationship building:

  • Develop the relationship and map where you want it to go
  • Understand the clients business and educate yourself about the industry
  • Seek feedback and act on the information clients provide
  • Show appreciation for your clients – send them personalized notes, work with them on projects they are interested in, celebrate the clients successes, offer education and CLE
  • Be involved in your clients business- do business reviews with them, warn of issues before they become problems, be direct and forthright
  • Cross sell where appropriate and ensure the clients know what other work the firm does

Success is often determined by how you execute a plan. Make a list of your top 10 or 15 clients and determine if any could be a super fan or maybe already are. Develop and execute a plan for those clients. Time will change your top clients however if you develop a program that works you will be able to modify it for almost any client you have.

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