Disappearing Legislation Watch Tool

I am spoiled. I admit it. My brothers used to call me Precious – I am sure they were being facetious. This character flaw leads to severe disappointment when tools that I like to use are delayed or disappear.

One of my favourite, and hopefully to reappear soon, tools is the Daily Bill Activity Reports of the Alberta Legislature. Following this link, you may think, “There is a 2012 document at the site, why is she complaining?”

Daily Bill Activity Reports page

Daily Bill Activity Reports page on May 29, 2012

The daily activity report doesn’t include the 28th Legislature. We started the 1st Session of this legislature on May 23, 2012, and there was a Bill introduced on May 24.

Bill 1, 28th Legislature, 1st Session 2012 Status

I want my daily activity updates! Like many others, I use this tool to check for pending legislation every day during the session. In previous years, this page on the site was updated as the legislature progressed and was updated very quickly as bills were introduced, debated, amended and voted on.

I am not the only person complaining in Alberta. The May 28, 2012, Alberta Hansard contains a complaint about obstructing a member in performance of duty and a contempt of the Assembly. Look for the comments by Ms. Notley just after the 3:00 PM mark.

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