OpenParliament Adds Committees — “This is not a government site. Not even sort of,” says the tagline at the very bottom of the page. And one way you know it’s true is that it’s easy to use. We introduced back in 2010, a successful volunteer effort by Michael Mulley to make access to data about the doings of MPs as easy as possible.

Now Mulley has added access to the work of parliamentary committees. As you’d expect, everything’s laid out clearly. You pick the committee that interests you, then go to the meeting by date (unless it was in camera, in which case a small black lock icon shows). Each meeting page sets out the agenda, who spoke, and then, of course, the speeches. There are links as well to the official version and to any recordings of the meeting.

The archives of these reformatted data go back to 2006.

[hat tip: @colinlachance]

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