LawTechCamp 2012: Law Firm Knowledge Management 101

Others have talked about their contributions to lawTechCamp 2012 held in Toronto in May. I am sharing the slide decks from the presentation I did with fellow consultant Stephanie Barnes and the six minute demo I did the same day.

The first talk here is an introduction to Law Firm Knowledge Management. Included are some images developed by Stephanie, and some we have developed together, as well as content from other sources.

This second presentation was a demo of the online checklist/assessment service Stephanie and I have been developing along with Kelvin Roberts of NEXT Solutions to accompany the Law Firm Knowledge Management coaching service we have put together for small- and medium-sized law firms. We have adapted the Virtual Knowledge Platform from NEXT Solutions originally created for knowledge management in the transportation industry for the legal industry. We were delighted to be invited to give a “sneak peak” demo of the online portion of this project (currently in the testing phase) at lawTechCamp–I hope you don’t mind my sharing the slides.

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