Fired for Being Too “hot”?

A short post for today – a New Jersey woman alleges having been fired for being too attractive (she worked at a lingerie) store. ABC News reports… An interesting concept and interesting law suit. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


  1. This appears to happen from time to time. Citigroup (the bank) had an employee complain a couple of years ago that she was fired for being too attractive. Some details in various media at the time suggested more than one side to the story.

  2. It can happen, especially if a co-worker is jealous. Proving it is another story (& is it illegal?)

    It’s best to not flaunt one’s hotness too much in an office situation (it’s distracting for others and not professional to try and use one’s “power” in that way.)

  3. Well, this figures…

    I don’t know how one can be “too hot” to work at a lingerie store, but perhaps one can explain this to me.

    I really, really, really want to stir the male/female difference pot on this (you know you were thinking it), but I guess I won’t step over that line.

    Still though, one wonders…

    The Wet One

    Has any man… Nope must not type the next logical words… Heck, for all we know, her boss was a man. Right?

  4. I see I spoke too soon.

    Yeah, heard about this case. Old news. I don’t think that the plaintiff was a salesfloor worker (more like an office thing), and as such, my above comments really don’t apply.

    And her bosses were men. Old, Orthodox Jewish men, who probably don’t work the sales floor. Just google the name Lauren Odes for a more complete picture of the story. It kinda makes sense in this situation. If it were on the sales floor, not so much, in the office of the store, yeah, I can see it. No point distracting everyone.

    I’m not saying it’s legal or generally, I can say that I understand the firing.

    Anyways, now that my foot is firmly lodged in my throat, I’ll be quiet now.

    The Wet One