What’s Hot on CanLII This Week

Here are the three most-consulted English-language cases on CanLII for the week of June 8 – 15.

1. Gayman (Re) 2012 LSBC 12 [Newspaper story here.]

[1] This is a credentials hearing. The Applicant, Michael Grant Gayman, requests readmission to the Law Society of British Columbia, as a barrister and solicitor. The Applicant was disbarred by a hearing panel of the Law Society on May 6, 1999. The basis for disbarment was conduct unbecoming a lawyer. Specifically, the Applicant, acting as a trustee, knowingly breached a trust instrument resulting in a loss of approximately one million dollars to some 20 investors.

2. United States v. Fafalios 2012 ONCA 365

[1] This case raises the issue of the options available to the Crown when confronted with an adverse interlocutory ruling in a criminal or quasi-criminal prosecution.

3. Melissa Topp v. Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. 2012 ONSC 3354

[1] The plaintiff moves under Rule 20 for partial summary judgment striking out paragraph 7 of the defendant’s amended statement of defence. In that paragraph, the defendant pleads and relies on the doctrine of spoliation of evidence with respect to the plaintiff’s alleged failure, refusal and or inability to produce a small piece of plastic that is central to this lawsuit.

[2] That piece of plastic was surgically removed from the plaintiff’s stomach on September 26, 2007 after she ate a sandwich bun with cheese in the middle. . . .

The most-consulted French-language decision was Fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal c. Montréal (Ville) 2007 CanLII 49000 (QC SAT)

[4] Les sergents Dubé et Leduc, de la division des affaires internes, ont été chargés de l’enquête dans la présente affaire. Leur sommaire des faits révèle que, le 8 octobre 2002, vers 5h30, l’agent St-Jean agissait comme agent senior en fonction supérieure et attendait de débuter la deuxième relève. . . .

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