KM 101: Knowledge Management in a Legal Setting

I was fortunate to have been invited to teach a session in the Canadian Association of Law Library’s New Law Librarians Institute 2012 earlier this month. The focus of the one-week program is substantive law, but my session was of a more practical nature, entitled “Knowledge Management in the Legal Setting.”

This talk was given last year by Ted Tjaden. Since he was kind enough to share his paper from that talk with all of us (which I found immensely helpful), I thought it good to follow his example and do the same with mine. Click the image or link below to download the PDF document from my website:

thumbnail image of paper

Knowledge Management in the Legal Setting [pdf]

This is an introductory paper covering the following ground:

  • What is Knowledge Management (KM)?
  • Explicit and tacit knowledge
  • An approach taking into account People, Process and Technology
  • A Knowledge Management Framework
  • A Knowledge Management Roadmap
  • KM in the legal setting, based on Ted Tjaden’s “7 Faces of Legal Knowledge Management”
  • The Role of Law Librarians in KM, based on Ted Tjaden’s “The Evolution of Law-Related Knowledge Management in North America – Opportunities for Law Librarians”
  • Knowledge Management versus Information Management

I also included a list of selected resources: books, articles/presentations/blog posts, blogs, and organizations.

In the sections based on Ted’s papers, I attempted to extend his thinking. In particular, I identify practice groups as a type of community of practice and add this as an area in which law librarians can play a role. Ted’s papers can be found on his Legal Research and Writing website.

I thank Ted for sharing his thinking in this area since it helps us all advance our thinking. I encourage others working in legal Knowledge Management–especially in Canada–to start sharing the thinking and rationales around knowledge-related topics since we could all benefit and build upon these. Also, on a personal level it is a great way to build your profile as an expert in the field.

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