Noting Up Checklist for Tribunal Decisions

Connie called out people working in knowledge management in Canada to start sharing. I decided to take up the challenge by sharing a tool from the Field Law arsenal of groovy things that the library shares.

Follow this link to a checklist for noting up administrative law materials.

The checklist is part of the materials that are shared with students attending the Edmonton Law Libraries Association Head Start program, which starts on Thursday, June 22, 2012. The program turns 10 this year and all of the organizers are thrilled that our annual event continues to provide articling students with a relevant and timely research refresher.

On a technology note, the checklist is shared using Google Docs with public access to the PDF.


  1. Wow–thanks, Shaunna! This looks like a simple but effective tool.

    I’ve always been a fan of using checklists like this to ensure consistent and complete research.

  2. I was also reminded of the Note Up function in Labour Spectrum. I sometimes prefer to use the “search for references in the body of decisions” method which is represented on the checklist, but using the built in tool is available also.
    Hat tip to Susannah T. for the reminder.