Friday, aka: The day of Firge or Venus; while Fridays are nice and all, I often find it harder to get out of bed on Friday than I do on Monday. While that is a personal observation I’ve another observation about Friday that I’ve found is shared with others; that is, weird things happen on Friday. Working in a an academic law library that is open to the public I’ve found that it is often on Friday, and more specifically, Friday afternoon that the individual who wants to challenge the constitutional validity of income tax arrives at the library looking for an orientation to our legal system and advice on the best way to prove that income tax is illegal, or substitute whichever conspiracy theory you like in here. The theory of Fridays having some strange feature comes from the same territory as the effect the full-moon has on people; lacking however, the evidence of some event such as the gravitational effect of the moon, it simply odd.

So on this Friday, I decided to look around a bit and see what is out there on Friday. Of course here at Slaw we have the patented Friday Fillip which invariably has some interesting tidbits to capture your attention. Elsewhere, Neurotic Physiology has a regular feature: Friday Weird Science which I find highly appropriate for Friday. If one enters “Friday” into Google today’s suggestions are: “Friday night lights”, “Friday after next”, “Friday the 13th”. We have Good Friday, Black Friday, Casual Friday/Dress Down Friday, FF or Follow Friday and a restaurant named after Friday, I would venture that all other days that end in “day” do not have the special names or attributes attached to Friday. Living in this part of the country it is also pertinent to mention that in nautical circles it is considered bad luck to begin a voyage on Friday. Another interesting Blog Illustration Friday “is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation.” And to bring this little post full-circle there is indeed a Friday library, I can only begin to imagine the queries they have to deal with on a Friday afternoon.

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