Enigmatic Google Doodle Honours Turing

It’s barely conceivable, but some Slaw readers may not resort to Google today, what with the fact that it’s a Saturday, summer and all. That’d be a shame, because today the Google Doodle is honouring that tragic hero of the modern age, Alan Turing. And Google’s done it right: the doodle is an animated take on the Enigma Machine, challenging you to solve the puzzle and spell out in binary the Google name letter by letter. It ain’t easy: the ground keeps shifting underneath your trials.

In case you’re of a mind to cut to the chase, it being a Saturday, summer and all, here’s a video showing you how to solve the puzzle.


  1. because I use Google’s Chrome browser, I almost never go to the Google.ca or Google.com page any more – I just type the search query into the address line. So I’ve searched lots today but not visited the site. I’ll take a quick look, but don’t hope to be able to solve Turing-type or even simple digital/binary problems.

    Fortunately they have a collection of these ‘doodles’ for those not curious enough to search something every day, or for Chromites.