Serious Word Processing on an iPad

As short as 6 weeks ago in a SLAW post on my most frequently used iPad apps I bemoaned the fact that there was not a robust word processor for the iPad.

Either I overlooked what must have been a recent update to Pages for iPad at that time or in fact there was an actual update in the last 6 weeks, since it is now relatively easy to add footnotes (and headers and footers, among other things) while word processing in Pages.

The online help from Apple here discusses how to do this (it is simply a matter of pressing the “Insert” menu button at the point of insertion where you want the footnote).

Screenshot showing “Insert” menu in Pages on an iPad


Screenshot showing “Footnote” menu option in Pages on an iPad


Screenshot showing footnoted text in Pages on an iPad


  1. Word processing on iPad or iPhone will remain greatly lacking for me until a functional track changes/blacklining feature is included. As it stands, when I receive a blacklined document, I cannot see any of the blacklined changes, nor make any myself. Hopefully this will be rectified when Microsoft (finally!) releases Word this fall?