Slaw’s “Canadian Law Blogs Search” Updated

I’ve finally got around to updating the Google Custom Search Engine that powers Slaw’s Canadian Law Blogs Search — found in the right sidebar very near the top. It now searches all 359 glorious Canadian law blogs listed in Stem Legal’s Many apologies to all the new (and not so new) bloggers who waited far too long to be included. I’ll try to develop a method for a more continual updating.

I’ve also removed the options that were initially available — date range, number of results — because Google no longer honours these requests for Custom Search Engines in the same way. But because I moved the search results to a Google sponsored page, you’ll now find a switch at the top right that lets you organize the results by relevance or by date, which should get you pretty much where you want to go.

Please do let me know if for some reason I’ve missed your blog even though it’s on

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