David Cowling Lawsuit Settled

A series of lawsuits involving Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark and Adrian Jakibchuk, a former associate of the firm, was settled on June 7. The case emerged after Jakibchuk alleged inappropriate behaviour by David Cowling. More information on the background to this lawsuit was available here on Slaw when it was first launched.

Although the details of the settlement remain confidential, Christina Cheung of Precedent shares some information they have obtained:

Pleadings obtained by Precedent in the Jakibchuk lawsuit indicate that MDC paid an undisclosed sum of money to Cowling in order for him to drop his lawsuit and leave the firm. In MDC’s statement of defence, dated May 10, 2011, it says the settlement between Cowling and Jakibchuk “was only possible because MDC, as a condition of payment of monies to Cowling in connection with Cowling’s departure from the firm, insisted that Cowling discontinue the Defamation Action.”

The statement of defence also reveals that Cowling settled with Jakibchuk for $20,000 of Jakibchuk’s legal costs. According to the documents, MDC covered half of those costs.


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