What’s Hot on CanLII This Week

Here are the three most-consulted English-language cases on CanLII for the week of July 8 – 16.

[Note: it’s likely that people accessing the Supreme Court pentalogy on copyright released this week will have used the SCC site hosted by Lexum, which probably explains why they’re not among the top three opinions.]

1. Rubin v. Home Depot Canada Inc. 2012 ONSC 3053

[1] This is a motion for summary judgment brought by the plaintiff. On the day he was fired from his job, Eric Rubin signed a release. It is his view that, given the circumstances in which it was signed, the release should not be enforced. On the motion, Eric Rubin seeks damages in the amount of $72,076.36, which represents twenty months as reasonable notice for the dismissal.

2. R. v. Lewis 2012 ONCJ 413

This is my decision on the defence application to have me find unconstitutional the minimum three year period of imprisonment imposed upon conviction for firearms trafficking required by Section 99 (2) of the Criminal Code of Canada and my reasons for sentence for that offence and three counts of trafficking in cocaine.

3. Silver v. IMAX 2012 ONSC 4064

[1] This is my decision with respect to the costs of two motions that were argued for two days in September 2011 and a third day in January 2012.

The most-consulted French-language decision was Directeur Général des Élections v. Berardinucci 2001 CanLII 3770 (QC CQ). [This case owes its prominence to the fact of its having been the subject of a very recent Twitter burst.]

Le défendeur, Alberto BERARDINUCCI, est accusé dans sept dossiers d’avoir contrevenu à la Loi électorale du Québec en incitant des individus à usurper l’identité de tiers afin d’être admis à voter dans la circonscription électorale d’Anjou et d’avoir sciemment tenté de changer les résultats de cette élection en donnant instruction à des personnes d’usurper l’identité de tiers pour être admises à voter plus d’une fois.

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