The Guergis Statement of Claim

You’ll likely have read about the effort by Stephen Harper and assorted other defendants to have Helena Guergis’s statement of claim for defamation and all manner of other unkindness thrown out as failing to disclose a reasonable cause of action and for raising non-justiciable issues. That motion continues to be argued today.

What you might not have read, however, is the statement of claim itself, court records not being digitized and accessible over the internet. But the CBC now does what all good news agencies should be doing: they make the original documents that lie behind stories available online. So thanks to the CBC you can find the statement of claim, all 32 pages of it here.

(Incidentally, the CBC uses Document Cloud as a place from which to serve up these documents, a service we talked about on Slaw two years ago and again this year. Slaw is a member of Document Cloud.)

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