WiseLii – a Mobile Legal Research Tool

We hear a lot of talk about access to justice from the judiciary and the politicians who are charged to execute this lofty ideal. But it took an initiative between the National Virtual Law Library Group and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to found CanLII over a decade ago.

The Free Access to Law Movement could hardly envisioned the rise of mobile technology in the 2002 Declaration on Free Access to Law. When a solo private practitioner uses their own resources to advances the goals of unrestricted legal access and provides it to the public for free it’s definitely worth taking note.

Garry Wise just launched a new app called WiseLii, which employs CanLII case law and legislation and allows them to be searched, reviewed and saved on a mobile phone. An interview with Wise about the app is available on the Legal Post.

You can download the app from the iTunes market here. A user guide is available here.

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