Interest Rates

Like anyone who owns property along with a bank, I am always interested in interest rates.

Like anyone who would like to retire someday, I am always interested in interest rates.

Whether your primary concern with interest rates is from the borrowing or saving side of the equation, you may be interested in a Bank of Canada News Release about the publication schedule of interest rate announcements from Canada’s central bank.

Over the past several years, the Bank has streamlined its production processes for the Monetary Policy Report and gradually reduced the interval between the release of the rate decision and the publication of the MPR from two weeks to the current one day. Today’s announcement is the logical conclusion of this process. Publishing the MPR at the same time as the interest rate announcement provides full and immediate context for the rate decision, which improves transparency and helps the Bank explain its monetary policy more effectively.

There is a nifty backgrounder provided with the news release that gives a bit of history regarding the scheduling of interest rate announcements. From the legal research perspective, backgrounders to news releases provide handy timelines for policy decisions.

The Government of Canada News Centre provides an Advanced Search for news releases. The start date for this service is 2002.

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