ILTA 2012

The International Legal Technology Association conference is happening right now in Washington, D.C. In addition to the conference blog, Mary Abraham of Above and Beyond KM is sharing reports of the conference on her blog. Mary’s recent posts include:

As you can infer from Mary’s post titles, you can also follow the conference by its Twitter hashtag #ILTA12

You can follow the conference by tuning in to ILTA TV.

If you are presenting or can’t make it to the conference this year, ii3’s ILTA TV Live! provides a live video stream and a daily wrap-up at — the perfect way to catch up on what you missed. Hashtag #ILTATV2012


  1. Thank you for pointing out ii3’s ILTA TV — it is excellent. The production value is excellent, and Shy Alter is doing a fantastic job of hosting. I am now curious as to how he is doing it, all of these back-to-back interviews.

  2. They must be taped! I note that his guests include Canadians. Ginevra Saylor, KM Director at FMC was on today’s list on a panel discussing document management systems as a KM tool.

    The quality is outstanding.