Douglas Inquiry Website

With the resignation of Guy Pratte, independent counsel in the Canadian Judicial Council inquiry into the conduct of Manitoba Justice Lori Douglas, the wretched business oppressing her is back in the news again. I’m not about to wade into the dark waters of commentary here — at least, not until this process has run its course — but a Slaw reader suggests, and I agree, that we might point you to the inquiry website. There you’ll find the documents that will let you see the legal issues facing the panel and Justice Douglas, as well as some of the written evidence that’s being relied on.

As I understand it, the inquiry is by statute an inquisitorial rather than a classic adversarial process; and the proper role to be played by the members of the inquiry panel was an important issue in Pratte’s decision to leave.

Sadly for Justice Douglas, his decision is bound to protract an already dilatory process.


  1. Ah no–I was just reading about it in Jeff Jarvis’ book about attitudes towards privacy, Public Parts, and did not realize it had not been resolved yet.