Strategic Maple Syrup

I’m sure that many of you noticed a brief flash in the news recently regarding Quebec’s strategic maple syrup reserve and the security issues surrounding said reserve. There were many tongue in cheek references to Maple Syrup’s place in the culture of Quebec and Canada in the media and then the news cycle moved on. Alas, we here at Slaw dig deeper and try to ascertain the legal angle to such events, and it seems that Maple Syrup does indeed occupy a significant place in Canadian culture.

A rudimentary CanLII search reveals that “Maple Syrup” has appeared in court cases 49 times. discussing some rather significant issues as is evidenced by the fact that maple syrup has played a more or less central role in 2 cases at the Supreme Court of Canada: Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec v. Regroupement pour la commercialisation des produits de l’érable inc., 2006 SCC 50 and Motorways (Ontario) Ltd. v. R., [1974] SCR 635.

Furthermore, maple syrup has appeared in 30 cases before assorted Boards and Tribunals; however, it is in Canada’s and the various provincial jurisdictions legislation where the central role of maple syrup is driven home. There are 56 piece of legislation in Canada that, at minimum, mention Maple Syrup, Federal and Quebec legislation being the most prominent but also in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and the Yukon.

I don’t know about you but I suddenly have a hankerin’ for some maple baked bean, or perhaps some maple bacon or maple curry pasta or maple……….

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