B.C. Court of Appeal Launches E-Filing

The B.C. Court of Appeal formally launched its e-Filing program today. The Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Provincial Court of British Columbia have offered e-filing since June 2007, bringing today’s move up to all three levels of court in the province.

Chief Justice Lance Finch stated in the Press Release:

Court of Appeal e-filing expands access to the court for litigants outside B.C.’s major urban centres by allowing parties to file documents without attending at the court. When a document is e-filed, it also becomes instantaneously available to litigants and the public through the electronic registry, Court Services Online.
As more court documents come online, court information can be distributed and searched from law offices, home computers or public access terminals. Litigants, judges as well as the public can only benefit from this improved level of accessibility and court openness.

A pilot program has been in place since June 2011, and was discussed by Karim Benyekhlef and Nicolas Vermeys briefly earlier this year.

The electronic filing procedure for the Court can be found under Rule 54.1. E-filing is done through the Court Services Online.


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