Canada Post Settlement

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post decrying the delays arising out of the labour dispute which affected Canada Post’s operations two summers ago. In early October, in small blurbs published in newspapers across the country (see this one from the Toronto Star), it was reported that the parties came to a settlement, agreeing to a new collective agreement. Late last week, CUPW published a synopsis of the agreement here.

The Restoring Mail Delivery for Canadians Act, which ended the dispute and sent the parties to arbitration, required the arbitrator to ensure that the next collective agreement between the parties provided “the necessary degree of flexibility to ensure the short- and long-term economic viability and competitiveness of the Canada Post Corporation…”. A settlement (permitted under the Act), takes the power away from the arbitrator to choose the collective agreement which best reflects those principles. The labour dispute and ensuing delays cost the parties and the government countless dollars. Was the purpose of the Act fulfilled with this settlement? Is the future of Canada Post secure?

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