EU Consumer Rights Directive and E-Commerce

Germany has recently enacted legislation to implement the EU Consumer Rights Directive. Here is an article (from the International Law Office) describing the German legislation. Those familiar with Canadian consumer law will notice that it is considerable more detailed and directory than the Internet Sales Harmonization Template [PDF] that is the law in most provinces.

What do you think? Would our law be improved by provisions like those in the German law?

Your clients who do consumer e-commerce in the EU will run into this kind of law in all member states before long. (It must be in force by mid-2014.) How will you advise them?

How do you advise your clients to accommodate this kind of rule to m-commerce, where the consumer reads the information disclosed on a very small screen (though slowly getting larger)?

The Canadian template applies only to sales over $50, so the kind of detail described in the article is not needed for, say, an iTunes download or most apps that need to be bought. Just as well, probably.


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