Lexum Launches New Page Design for Supreme Court Judgments

Lexum, the company that puts the opinions of the Supreme Court of Canada online, has updated the judgments page. The new page shows off Lexum’s product Decisia, software to assist courts and tribunals to put their decisions online.

The new page offers you a few recent decisions and a few news releases, with the option in each case of browsing through the entire database. Judgments can be browsed by date, case name or subject. Sophisticated searching is also possible, of course.

The only suggestion I’d make (after a very few minutes of using the Decisia layout) is that there needs to be a better way to get back to the main page after browsing. I wound up looking for a way to reverse the choice (thinking, I suppose, it had been accomplished with AJAX) and didn’t immediately understand I need the “home” button. Otherwise, this is a clean, efficient and up-to-date interface.

[hat tip: @SusanMunro]


  1. Antonin I. Pribetic


    It would have been helpful if LexUM announced this change before roll-out. My recent post about Southcott Estates that linked to the former site is now a dead-link. I was unable to update to the web-version of the decision page via an anchor-link. The only method is to the link to the Word and pdf versions of decisions, either of which I dislike.

    While the site looks snazzy, I will use CanLII until LexUM fixes this problem.


  2. CanLII offers stable URLs and single-spaced HTML versions of the judgments with hyperlinks to the caselaw. Why not use CanLII by default?

    I’m not even going to wonder why the reCaptcha words were tabernacle and leasePa (which I typed wrongly so they didn’t work)


  3. CanLII also allows links directly to a particularly paragraph by adding the paragraph number, eg “#par12”, to the URL. For example: http://canlii.ca/t/ft8fd#par12


  4. Just a few brief clarifications.

    All old case URLs have been redirected to the new website except for the one judgment released on the date of roll-out, which is Southcott. So, Antonin, you wrote a post on the only judgment (out of over 12,500) which did not get its URL redirected.

    Also, all new links to cases are stable. Now, facing the possibility of a win-lose situation due to my affiliation, I will remain silent on which site you should use for linking…

    Simon, thanks for the coverage and for the suggestion.

    Ivan, Lexum

  5. Ivan,

    It’s an oil and water situation so it’s win-win for Lexum (in my view) since Lexum has the SCC’s official version. CanLII’s has value added but that’s different. Which link I chose depends on why I’m linking. If it’s a hyperlink in an electronic version of factum filed in Court or I otherwise need the official version, it’s Lexum’s. Otherwise? I prefer single-spaced lines and CanLII hyperlinks. That’s laziness, too, since it means that if I chose the right case I don’t have to find the links for the other cases.