I attended the annual IT.CAN conference Monday and Tuesday in Montreal. I find the IT.CAN conferences are consistently high quality, and the best continuing legal education option for lawyers practicing in the tech space. Topics at this conference included things such as content convergence and the regulatory framework, legal issues surrounding cloud computing, social media, digital commerce and clean tech, advanced software licensing, an annual update on IP issues, privacy and anti-spam updates, health care IT, outsourcing trends, public sector IT issues, and cyber libel. 

While attendance was strong, and included (as always) many well-known IT practitioners, there is always room for more. If you or your firm practices in the area of IT/IP, e-commerce, social media and related areas, I recommend that you consider attending either the IT.CAN Spring IT Law Forum (June 17-18, 2013 or next year’s IT.CAN Annual Conference which will be held in the Fall in Toronto. For more information or to receive program information, check out the web site or contact IT.CAN Executive Director, Lisa Ptack at

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