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College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference

If you missed the 2012 Futures Conference and Annual Meeting [1] of the College of Law Practice Management [2] in Washington, D.C. late last month (as I unfortunately did), then you also missed out on an extraordinary exploration of change and innovation in the legal marketplace.

Here are two excellent summaries of what went down at the Futures Conference:

• Ron Friedmann [3] of Fireman & Co [4]., co-chair of the conference, published an extensive report at his Strategic Legal Technology [5] blog titled “Overview of the New Legal Normal [6].” Key quote: “One panelist noted that given how many consumers cannot afford legal representation, it is morally reprehensible that lawyers deploy so few automated systems. I agree and would add that if general counsel were not cut of the same cloth as BigLaw, they might well call the limited used of tech by the AmLaw 200 scandalous.”

• Tim Corcoran [7], who has superbly taken over from me as Chair of the College’s Innovation Awards [8], published an equally insightful summary, “What Looks Good for the Future?” at both his own blog [9] and Attorney At Work [10]. Key quote:

The new breed of law firm leader recognizes the critical necessity of strengthening the firm, even though the policies necessary to achieve this outcome tend to weaken the traditional stranglehold of top rainmakers on the firm. Until this tension is resolved, law firm leaders are competing at a significant disadvantage.

I thought you’d also be interested in seeing the complete list of inductees to the College’s ranks in 2012. I’ve attended every induction save this one since 2006, and this is one of the strongest classes I’ve seen:

Next year’s Futures Conference will he held in Chicago at an autumn date to be determined — keep an eye on the College’s blog for updates.