Lessons From DIG

I spent today at London’s 5th annual DIG (Digital Interactive & Gaming) Conference along with about 1500 others. The conference is divided into 3 tracks. One for game developers, another for web developers, and another for students interested in game development.

Here are some random things from the conference.

The concept of an independent device lab, which is a place where various devices are available, such as iPhones, iPads iPad minis, android phones, android tablets, windows 8 phones, surface tablets, xboxs, etc. The idea is to provide hardware for independent developers to test their apps and web pages on. Larger developers can have all this in house, but its not so easy for smaller ones.

Graphics improvements in video game design have been impressive over the years. But now video game graphics are so realistic that improvements are going to have to be made more on game play and content. 

Game developers often get so caught up in their current project that they lose sight of how tech is developing, and tech change is happening faster all the time. It is easy for game developers to underestimate how fast change happens. So they should act in the present, but think in the future. That’s a good lesson for lawyers too.

And for an bit of trivia, Red Bull was developed for truck drivers, but they were not successful selling to that market. So they looked at who their initial buyers were – which turned out to be kids in raves trying to stay awake – then directed their marketing to that audience. Apparently early marketing efforts included leaving empty crushed Red Bull cans in strategic places so people would think that was what others were drinking.

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