Microsoft Makes Advances in Voice Recognition, Translation

Because law is a matter of words and because multicultural, multilingual Canada has a bilingual legal system for the most part, I think you might want to take ten minutes to watch a particular video from Microsoft. It shows Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid on a stage in China demonstrating their latest voice recognition, machine translation, and machine speech technologies, all working in concert.

Simply put, Rashid, speaking moderately slowly, has his talk perfectly accurately transcribed as he talks in English; then towards the end of the video the written English is translated as he speaks into proper written Chinese, which, mirabile dictu, is spoken in Mandarin by a machine approximation of his voice. There is only a delay of a few seconds between his English statements and their Mandarin utterance. Understandably, perhaps, the Chinese audience applauds each successful translation.

This is the power of not merely big but huge, massively huge, data and of incredibly fast, capacious machines. You will be talking to your Chinese, Punjabi, Brazilian clients in their language in the very near future.

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