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Apple Continues to Gain Momentum in Law Offices

Clio’s third annual Apple in Law Offices Survey is a wrap with over 1,200 respondents. The survey’s results show Apple products, ranging from the iPad to MacBooks, are rapidly increasing in popularity among lawyers.


The iPad continues to be a game-changing device for lawyers: over 57% of respondents indicated they currently use an iPad in their law office. Of those that don’t, nearly 60% planned on purchasing an iPad in the next year:

Enthusiasm for the recently-announced iPad mini was also high: 23% of respondents indicated they plan to purchase an iPad mini in the next twelve months.


On the mobile front, the iPhone continues to see broad usage with a 62% adoption rate; Android places a strong second place at a nearly 25% adoption rate. iPhone and Android have made gains at RIM’s expense: Blackberry adoption is only at 7%, down dramatically from 28% in the 2010 Apple in Law Offices Survey.


The cloud and Apple’s suite of mobile phones and tablets make a natural team — so much so that Apple released their own cloud storage and synchronization service, iCloud. The top 5 cloud-based applications utilized by survey respondents are:

Desktop Apps

The top 5 desktop apps were: