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National Magazine Has a New Website

National magazine [1] from the Canadian Bar Association recently launched a new website (in September? or October?). They now have a separate domain www.nationalmagazine.ca [1] and a new look that is a slightly more “bloggy” version of the CBA’s site.


The site has feature articles, [2] practice-related articles [3], profile pieces [4], interviews [5], articles about the CBA [6], articles for/about law students [7], videos [8] (all interviews to date) and blog posts [9] from Beverley Spencer, editor-in-chief of National Magazine, Robert Brun, Q.C. is President of the CBA, and Yves Faguy, senior editor of National Magazine . The magazine also looks to be published by Rogers Publishing Ltd. (was it previously?).

For comparison, here are pages courtesy of the Internet Archive from June 2011. The old National magazine site was previously incorpoorated directly into the CBA website: