Dean’s Letter Re Diversity in Judicial Appointments

This is simply a pointer to an open letter sent to the Minister of Justice and the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs by Osgoode Hall Law School Dean, Lorne Sossin, and Professor Sonia Lawrence over on Dean Sossin’s Blog. The writers express concern about the difficulty in obtaining statistical information about those in the pool from which federal judges are appointed. A brief quote:

We write to urge that either the Ministry or the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs release demographic data about the pool of applicants seeking federal judicial appointment. We believe such data will lead to greater engagement from the public, the profession and the academic community on the issue of how to ensure the Federal judiciary reflects the diversity of Canadian society.

No response yet that I’m aware of.


  1. Paul Jonathan Saguil

    Nor has there been a response to this other open letter:

  2. Paul Jonathan Saguil

    Following a consultation with the authors of the above-noted letter, Irwin Cotler (MP – Mount Royal) placed the following question on Notice Paper No. 191: Here’s hoping for a substantive response from the government!

  3. Paul Jonathan Saguil

    updated link to Irwin Cotler’s question published on Dec. 3, 2012 (#1074 on Order Paper No. 190):