Still Riding the Omni-Bus

No the Omni design has not been brought back for a new bus.


As disturbing as that may sound, the continuing debate over the “omnibus” has creepy characteristics itself.

In fairly recent times the Omnibus has been the subject of a few posts here at Slaw, The Unreasonable and Transgressive Nature of Omnibus Bills (Michael Posluns, June 24, 2011) , & Library of Parliament Paper on Omnibus Bills back in November by Michel-Adrien Sheppard. and myself when the storm of Bill-38 was occurring. Well I’m back with an update. In recent years all of us in Canada have been riding public transportation whether we know it or not; we have been riding the Omni-Bus (Bill).

The current incarnation (Bill C-45) has 516 section plus 2 schedules making it the third longest budget implementation Bill of the past 10 years; however, Bill-C-45 does not stand alone, as the title says, C-45 is: A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 29, 2012 and other measures”. So adding the 516 sections to the 753 sections from Bill C-38 last June makes the 41:1 budget 1269 sections, which remains only the second longest budget implementation Bill to that of 40:3, which dwarfs everything else from the last 10 years by a factor of at least 3.

from my previous post here is the list:

41st Parl-1st Session: Bill C-45: 516 section = 41:1 Budget Implementation Bills – 1269 sections

41st Parl-1st Session: Bill C-38: 753 sections.

40-3: Bill C-9: 2208 sections

40-2: Bill C-10: 471 sections

39:2: Bill C-50: 164 sections

39-1: Bill C-52: 154 sections

39:1: Bill C-13: 217 sections

38-1: Bill C-43: 143 sections

37-3: Bill C-30: 50 sections

37-2: Bill C-28: 97 sections

The Dodge Omni at one point had a controversy regarding the steering and the ability to control the car; it would seem that the Omnibus Bill has similar limitations.

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