Courthouse Libraries New Criminal Law Practice Portal

courthouselibrariesbcThe great Courthouse Libraries BC website has introduced a new portal to its roster of practice portals. The Criminal Law Practice Portal (CLPP), like the other five, is meant to:

serve as a law practitioner’s starting point, or homepage, for a particular practice area. The Practice Portals gather key external resources of all kinds (established legal texts, current web resources, and carefully selected news and social media updates), and augments them with library produced content.

Specifically, the CLPP offers practitioners the daily hearing lists (by location), the ability to learn about sentencing ranges for an offence (via rangefindr, introduced and examined on Slaw this summer), a kit enabling you to earn CPD credit, and a number of curated resources as well.

As with the other parts of the main site, this is beautifully laid out, making it a pleasure to use.

The other portals available on the site are Civil Litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury, Practice Management & Technology, and Wills & Estates. Having resurrected the label of “portal”, the Courthouse Libraries should now stand as a model for what can be done on the web for practitioners with some effort and good dose of intelligence.


  1. Unfortunately, it looks as though this is only available for BC lawyers. That’s a shame, since it would be a great resource for anyone practicing criminal law in Canada.

  2. You’re right, Simon: the BC Courthouse Libraries do have a great website! They’re doing a great job. The site is innovative, responsive, well-designed, and just keeps getting better. It’s model for us all. The BC Law Society, AG and judiciary should be proud and appreciative. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Simon, thanks for helping to get the word out about our new Criminal Portal, and Louis for your kind comments! We’re really proud of it. It’s the result of extensive consultation with BC criminal practitioners and the judiciary by our staff. We’re always delighted to get feedback from the Slaw community to help us keep pace with our clients’ changing needs.