Statistics Canada Launches Blog

Statistics Canada launched a blog today called—what else?—StatCan Blog (Blogue de StatCan, en français). As the first post explains,

Like most endeavours at the agency, the blog’s topics will have a certain statistical gravitas: the Framework for Environment Statistics, the System of National Accounts, the Consumer Price Index Enhancement Initiative, the Survey of Financial Security, as well as some broader topics, such as the use of microdata or the new model for publishing data online.

The Chief Statistician believes in the importance of linking these sometimes arcane-sounding initiatives to people’s own backyards.

This is tangential to law, I know. But there’s hardly an area of practice, let alone a backyard, that isn’t in some way resting on the things that StatCan measures. So it’s a good blog to add to your roster. It also looks like it’s going to be a fairly light addition to your reading list, gravitas notwithstanding, because at the end of the first post, we’re promised a following entry on the “Consumer Price Index Enhancement Initiative”—next month.

There’s an invitation to provide comments, and a requirement that you register to be able to do so.

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