Blackberry Fans Rejoice

As you are no doubt aware, RIM Blackberry finally brought its new operating system and a new phone to market this week. The first phone, the Z10 does not have a keyboard – a first for Blackberry. 

So will this save Blackberry? My take on early reviews is that Blackberry fans will like the new phones, and they will probably result in fewer people trading for iPhones, Android phones or Windows phones when their Blackberry terms expire. But it probably won’t result in a mass of people giving up their iPhones, Android phones or Windows phones for a Blackberry.

The practical reality is that all 4 of these smartphone platforms are good products. Phone buyers tend to be passionate about their brands, and often somewhat irrational in their decision making. The best phone always doesn’t win. For example, the new Windows phones are very highly rated but don’t seem to get the attention they deserve. Some people make a big deal about the number of available apps for particular types – but the real issue is whether the right apps are available to suit your needs. 

For Blackberry’s sake, I hope this does mark a turnaround.

For the record, I have an Android phone, an iPad, and use Windows systems both at work and at home.

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