Inserting Object Links

The methods for producing the results of research have been on the top of my to-do list. Perhaps my knowledge management hat is shading my outlook. I believe that an efficient, sustainable and reusable work product is a very important aspect of legal research.

My staff and I create memos to document our research output – not memos analyzing legal issues as that is a lawyer task, memos that contain a report of what information we find, how we found it, and often permanent links to that information. One problem that has evaded solution is the ability to link to multiple items – a hyperlink to a collection of information. Another problem is linking from within a Word document to information captured from another program – like an email message or a .PDF.

For internal documents, we have a solution to these problems. The solution is based in part on our document management software, Worldox. Worldox allows for emailing a link to a list of items gathered from its database. The link is usually only used for internal email, but a clever colleague suggested that these links could be inserted as objects into a Word document.

Here are the solution steps for those of you who use Worldox, or to inspire your own solution:

  1. Select a group of items (in any file format) in Worldox that you wish to provide as a collection
  2. Choose to email a Worldox link to the items
  3. Before sending the email, drag the link attachment to your desktop (the attachment will have a .WDL extension)
  4. In Word, on the Insert ribbon, select Object and choose the Create from File tab to browse to the WDL file OR drag the WDL file onto your Word document in the position you would like it to appear

The link object appears with a little Briefcase icon and the link name – it is a simple matter of a user clicking on it for the list of items you gathered to appear in a Worldox result window.

Do you use object linking in Word?

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