Mobile World Congress Under Way – Phablet Anyone?

The wireless industry has a trade show this time each year in Barcelona. Cellphone manufacturers announce their newest tech at the show. 

Phablets are a big trend. Several are included in this CNET slideshow of phones that were introduced. Phablets are smartphones with screens between 5 and 7 inches that are half way between a phone and tablet. So think of them as either smartphones with huge screens – or small tablets that can make phone calls.

Many people ridicule phablets by saying that you would look stupid holding it up to your ear to make a phone call. But the reality is that (a) a significant number of smartphone users don’t use them for voice much, and (b) it is easy to use them as a speaker phone or a Bluetooth or wired headset if you want to make a call. There may indeed be a significant market for phablets for those who don’t want to carry around both a full size tablet and a smartphone.

This year included the announcement of new  operating systems. With the hold that Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft have on phone OS’s, that may be a tough sell.


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