CBA’s Envisioning Equal Justice Project – Discussion Paper for Comments

The Canadian Bar Association’s Access to Justice (A2J) Committee is currently working on its Envisioning Equal Justice project. There are 5 “building blocks for change” they are working on. Currently under Building Block #5: “Alternatives for increasing access to justice for the middle class”, the committee is circulating the paper Unexplored Alternatives for the Middle Class [pdf] for commentary. Comments are requested by March 31st.

These are some of the issues being covered in this discussion paper:

  • Promising innovations to increase access to legal services
  • Re-engineering dispute resolution processes
  • Affordability of lawyers’ services

Discussion papers for Building Blocks #1-3 are expected later this month, while Building Block #4 – “The appropriate balance between pro bono work and funded legal aid programs” saw its discussion paper released last October.

For more information about Envisioning Equal Justice Project, see this page: (English) (French)

See also the CBA’s Access to Justice pages: (English) (French)

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