Law and TED

My colleague Alex Yiu and I recently presented at an Edmonton Social Media Breakfast. It was great fun, a neat venue, and a very engaged audience. SMBYEG as it is known on Twitter is held in this beautiful venue (Startup Edmonton HQ at the Mercer Warehouse):

Photo Credit: TEDxEdmonton:

Photo Credit: TEDxEdmonton:

The TEDx sign in the corner while we were presenting was a bit intimidating. I did get me thinking about legal industry ideas worth spreading though. Last August Connie shared a list of the most popular TED Talks. Simon commented on searching TED Talks for law. The search result is now 232 TED Talks for ‘law’ or 95 for ‘legal’.

Consider what you have to share and to learn. Check out a TED or TEDx event near you:


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