Launch of New Magazine: “Legal IT Today”

The Brits have launched a new quarterly magazine, “Legal IT Today.” From the editor, Joanna Goodman:

Our community is everyone interested and involved in legal IT: CIOs, IT managers and decision makers, vendors who develop IT products and services for the legal sector, strategic and technical consultants, educators, authors, speakers and bloggers and of course the end users – lawyers, managers and business support professionals in law firms and other legal services providers. We will feature contributions from across these groups in every issue as well as collaborating with relevant publications worldwide.

Here’s the table of contents for the first edition:

  • Interview: What’s happening at Autonomy?
  • A near commonality: United States vs United Kingdom
  • Food for thought: Do US and UK firms’ approach to technology reflect the differences in workplace culture? 
  • Online tools: changing lawyers’ communication
  • Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny: The lifecycle of legal knowledge management
  • Tomorrow’s legal IT professionals? A glance into the future 
  • Why haven’t client facing systems blossomed? Will liberalisation and market forces transform legal IT leadership?

Subscription in PDF is free. And if print is your thing (for an IT mag?) a subscription can be had for 95 quid a year (there’s mention of an “inside track” for the print edition, but no explanation of whether and how it might better the free version).

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