Social Media Policy Template for Lawyers

Social Media Policy TemplateI was doing some research into social media policy examples for a course, and came across Jaffe PR’s Social Media Policy Template for Law Firms and Attorneys. It is available for use and adaptation by lawyers and firms. Last updated in November 2012, this template was first published in 2008 and has been updated a number of times over the years as social media has developed.

From the introduction:

At Jaffe PR, we have made our best effort to outline a comprehensive set of online policies and procedures for using social media effectively and responsibly. This is our fifth update to this document since its original release in late 2008 and we will continue to revise it as new information becomes available. Please feel free to use and change this template as you wish, and to pass it along to others who may find it useful.
– Jay M. Jaffe, President & CEO, Jaffe PR

It is one of a series of Law Firm Policy Templates available from Jaffe PR, including:

Note that Jaffe PR is based in the U.S. (Washington, DC), so those of us in other jurisdictions must keep this in mind.


  1. Closer to home, the Law Society of British Columbia also has a sample social media policy available on its website – and what lawyer doesn’t love a precedent that’s already been given a law society thumbs-up? :)

    You can find it here:

  2. Thanks, Doug. I was looking to see if the Law Society of Upper Canada has something–I found references to one, and what looks like possibly a draft, but could not see one given the thumbs up, as you say.

    There is also the more generic Social Media Policy Tool from David Canton (based in London, ON) and rtraction which is quite brilliant in my humble opinion.