CALL/ACBD’s New Janine Miller Fellowship

Last week a new applications for this year’s award for members of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries was announced: the Janine Miller Fellowship established by CanLII to provide funding each year for one CALL/ACBD member to attend the Law Via the Internet conference. I think this is a fabulous opportunity for Canadian legal information professionals to get more involved in the free access to law movement.

From the announcement:

Janine Miller was an integral part in the vision and development of the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) and served as Project Manager from its inception and later as its Executive Director until her retirement in 2011. To honour her considerable contribution to the success of this virtual law library, to continue her legacy, and to inspire and empower CALL members to continue her passion of supporting the provision of free access to the law, CanLII has established the Janine Miller Fellowship.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide funding annually for one CALL member to attend the Law via the Internet Conference, an initiative of the Legal Information Institutes worldwide that constitute the Free Access to Law Movement. Expenses up to a maximum of $2,500 will be covered.

The 2013 Law Via the Internet conference will be held on the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, September 26 & 27. CALL/ACBD members who wish to apply are invited to do so by April 19, 2013. Details are on the CALL/ACBD website.





  1. A small correction. The Janine Miller Fellowship is in its second year of existence. The first recipient of the award was Yemisi Dini.

  2. Hi Louise:

    Ah, of course! I thought from the announcement was new. I have made a correction to the above message. Thank you for pointing it out.