Companies Announce 2nd Quarter Improvements

I love this time of year: many companies traditionally announce some of their more “out of the box” improvements right at the end of the first quarter or beginning of the second quarter. Here are just a few I noticed in my mailbox; you will see Google is the real leader in 2nd quarter upgrades:

Google Fiber to the Pole

Making the Internet more accessible when you are on the road.


Treasure mode on Google Maps

They apparently came across Captain Kidd’s maps and are using crowd-sourcing to attempt to find treasure that he left.


Google introduces Google Nose in Beta

Google has announced the latest in its attempt to attain photo-auditory-olfactory sensory convergence. I’m not sure I completely understand how the technology works, but this video attempts to explain it.


Gmail Blue

They have managed to bring Gmail into the 21st century while keeping it still the same.


WestJet easing restrictions on pets in airplane cabins

WestJet today announced the easing of restrictions on pets in the cabin. All WestJet flights will now allow for any type of animal to travel in the cabin provided it fits safely on board the aircraft.


YouTube selecting a winner

And don’t forget, YouTube will now be selecting a winning video:


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  1. Ah, one more! Based on Google Glass, Rogers has just announced Rogers Toque.